Best Way to Use Feng Shui in Your Home for Relaxation

As chi energy passes a protruding corner, that is, a corner or edge which faces into a room, it will tend to speed up, swirl and change direction.

This fast-flowing energy will predominantly move directly away from the corner. Anyone sitting or sleeping in the path of this energy will feel unsettled and restless. Over a long period of time it could even make it difficult to maintain good health.

Use Feng Shui Best Way to Use Feng Shui in Your Home for Relaxation

If the fast-flowing chi from a protruding corner is directed towards a door or window, the chi energy that naturally flows into your home or room at these points can become erratic and unstable.

The objective is to soften the edge of the offending corner by, say, the introduction of a plant or with the use of fabric or moulding. In addition, you can rearrange your furniture so that you are not sitting or sleeping facing the corner. Corners that point towards where you spend time sleeping or sitting, and towards doors and windows will be of greater importance.

Hiding corners with plants

Note any protruding corners, such as those found in an L-shaped room or corners on furniture such as wardrobe edges.

Wherever practical place a plant in front of the offending corner. The plant will generate its own living chi energy, which will help to harmonize the fast-flowing energy from the corner. Ideally, the plant should be as tall as the people living in the home. Where space is limited, use hanging plants so that they drape over and soften the corner’s edge.

If you have the skills, you could replaster the corner incorporating a rounded edge. The radius should be about3cm, similar to the rim of a teacup.

Hiding corners with fabric

A more simple option is to drape some fabric over a corner. Use a natural cloth, such as pure cotton because synthetic materials will build up a static charge of electricity. Choose colours and patterns that will enhance your mood when you are in that part of your home.

Finally experiment with moving the furniture around so that you are not facing a protruding corner. There are many other things to consider with regard to where you sit.

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