Best Way to Use Mirrors, Plants and Wind Chimes in Feng Shui

If your hall is dark and the energy feels stagnant or flat you can speed up the flow of energy by using mirrors. If your hall is small or cramped, mirrors are there to help, as they can make it look a lot larger.

The ideal place for mirrors is to the left or right as you enter your hall. You should not position a mirror so that it faces your front door, as it will reflect the energy entering your home back out again.

Wind Chimes in Feng Shui 1 Best Way to Use Mirrors, Plants and Wind Chimes in Feng Shui

It is often helpful to hang a mirror on the wall that you first see as you begin to open the front door. The advantage of this is that it allows you to see into the hall before you enter, which will be reassuring each time you come home. In addition, when you open the door to a visitor you will be able to see the person before you open the door fully, taking away any anxiety there may be over who is calling.

If your stairs lead straight down to your front door you can use a convex mirror to help disperse the energy back into your home reducing the tendency for this energy to leave your home too easily.


If your hall feels as though the chi energy is moving too quickly you will need to find ways to slow it down. The energy is most likely to move quickly if the hall leads into a corridor, has a stone floor or the stairs lead down towards the front door.

Bushy plants are one of the most effective ways to slow down the movement, because they generate a chi energy field of their own which any other chi energy will have to flow through. This is rather like water flowing through a sponge.

In a large hall you will be able to use big plants in containers, however, if you live in a home with a narrow hall you may need to use hanging plants as these do not require any floor space. In some cases there will not be enough natural light for plants. However, in this type of hall the emphasis is usually on speeding up the flow of energy so mirrors are a more helpful feature.

Wind chimes

In a small, cluttered or narrow hall it is possible for the chi energy entering your home to get stifled so that it cannot circulate into your home properly. Wind chimes will help to disperse the energy as the sound waves carry the chi energy beyond the hall and into the rest of your home. To be effective wind chimes, should ring each time you open the front door. You can use them on any other door in your home where you feel that energy is congested.

Using mirrors to quicken energy

Stand outside your home and open the front door slowly and mark the ideal place to hang a mirror so that it will reflect the hall before you open the door fully.

Step into your hall and if you feel you need to speed up the chi energy there look for suitable locations for mirrors. Once you have identified the best locations, measure the wall in order to estimate the size of mirror(s) you will need. Always use a single piece of mirror glass and not several pieces joined together. Purchase the appropriate mirror(s) and hang them in your hall.

Wind Chimes in Feng Shui 11 Best Way to Use Mirrors, Plants and Wind Chimes in Feng Shui

Siting plants in the hall

Stand in your hall and look for places where you can grow plants. You will need to take account of the natural light conditions so that you can use the correct plants. Decide whether you want to use hanging plants or plants in containers on the floor.

If your stairs descend towards your front door look for a spot between the foot of the stairs and your front door where you can locate a plant. Again you may need to use a hanging plant if space is limited.

Dispersing energy with wind chimes

Take a compass, stand near the centre of your home and point the body of the compass towards your front door. Turn the outer dial until zero degrees is aligned with the needle. Now look at the reading on the dial next to the centre line of the body of the compass.

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