Best Way to Use Sea Salt to Remove Unpleasant Energy in Feng Shui

Sea salt is used in feng shui to absorb old chi energy. Salt is considered to be very yang and has the ability to pull energy into it. Hence it is useful in any situation where you want to get rid of stale chi energy.

It can also be used if you move into a new home and want to remove the energy left by the previous occupants, have had a difficult separation and want to clear the atmosphere when your partner has left or if you feel that your home is possessed by ghosts, as the salt will help absorb some of the old chi energy that keeps a ghost in your home.

Unpleasant Energy in Feng Shui Best Way to Use Sea Salt to Remove Unpleasant Energy in Feng Shui

Sea salt will also absorb the energy that is left over from a negative experience or feeling. For example, having an argument, feeling very depressed or losing your temper can temporarily change the energy of a room and the salt will help to restore the atmosphere.

Sea salt also has the ability to make the chi energy flowing through a home more stable. This is useful in places where energy will naturally wash back and forth more forcefully.

Using salt within the home

Before going to bed take a bowlful of sea salt to the room in which you wish to change the energy. Sprinkle the salt on the floor and leave it over night. The next day vacuum or sweep the sea salt up and discard it outside your home.

Stabilizing the energy in your home

Take a compass and stand in the centre of your home. Using the compass, work out which parts of your home are to the north-east and south-west. Fill a ramekin or similar dish with approximately two tablespoons of sea salt and place in the north-eastern and south-western parts of your home. Replace with fresh salt approximately every two months.

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