Best Way to Your New Life after Giving Birth

Having a baby is like entering a long tunnel. You can’t see the end and you wonder what you’ve gotten yourself into. You emerge five years later having had less sleep than you might have wished, but thinking it wasn’t that rough after all. The diffi­cult days become difficult to remember.

Despite the newness of caring for your first baby, it won’t take you long to become an old hand at baby care. Babies don’t arrive with attached instructions, but they do express their needs loud and clear. Luckily, they don’t realize that everything you do is just as new for you as it is for them. Whew!

New Life after Giving Birth Best Way to Your New Life after Giving Birth

Your New Baby and You

Amid the flurry that follows the birth of a baby, it’s important to remember that everyone has adjustments to make. If it’s your first child, you’ll have new roles to try out. If you have other children, their positions in the family will be changed overnight, too.

Along with the excitement and pride come stress and fatigue. You’re apt to demand a great deal of yourself, which can take its toll on those around you. Take care of your personal needs so you can help others take care of theirs. Be especially good to your partner during this time, and put off any big decisions, if possible.

Adjusting to Your New Life

  • To avoid answering the phone when you don’t want to, record the details of your baby’s birth on your telephone answering machine or voice messaging service. You may wish to add the best time to call. (You should be sleeping when your baby is.)
  • Put an extension phone in your baby’s room, or carry a cord­less phone with you when you need to change a diaper.
  • Make an effort to create “parents only” time each day (a late dinner after your baby goes to bed, a walk around the block while a friend or relative watches your baby, a five-minute telephone call during the day, and so on).

New Life after Giving Birth 1 Best Way to Your New Life after Giving Birth

  • Use paper plates and cups to minimize housework, or have your helpers do the dishes. This is not the time to prove you can do it all and that nothing has changed.
  • Get support from friends and relatives who’ve had babies, or become involved in community parent groups.

Don’t worry if you don’t feel overwhelming love for your infant immediately. It often takes time, perhaps months, for real parental love to develop. Relax and enjoy the developing bond between you and your baby.

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