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Best Way to Manage Commission Only Salesperson

An increasing number of companies are using commission only representatives to promote and sell their products. The obvious benefits to the companies are that they only pay on results, they do not need to provide a car or pay associated expenses and they are not concerned with National Insurance, pension… Continue Reading…

Best Way to Plan an Exhibition

Regardless of the type or size of the exhibition, a number of points must be taken into consideration when planning. Here is a useful checklist.

Your exhibition checklist

  • Agree the budget – this will have a vital bearing on your subsequent planning.
  • Reserve a site – try

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Best Way to Plan a Sales Meeting

There are several questions that you should ask yourself when planning a sales meeting.

Why – why hold a meeting? What are the specific reasons for it?

What – what do I want to achieve? The objectives?

Who – who should attend? Who will benefit from attending?

When – when… Continue Reading…

Best Way to Plan the Budget as a Sales Manager

A budget is similar to a forecast in that it is an estimate of future income and expenditure. As a sales manager, your main concern will be with expenditure budgets, that is estimates of the cost of running your department over given periods of time.

Why budget?

It is essential… Continue Reading…

Best Way to Recruit Your Sales Team

There are two reasons for recruiting salespeople, either because one of the existing team has left, for whatever reason, or because you are increasing the number of people in the team. In both cases, the principles of good recruiting and selecting are the same.

The job description

It is essential… Continue Reading…

Best Way to Train Your Sales Team at Sales Meetings

One sales manager always includes a short, formal training session at her monthly sales meetings. She identifies the topic from analysing the checklists of the previous month’s field visits and from general observation of her sales team’s activities. She often invites one of her team to prepare and conduct the… Continue Reading…

Best Way to Make the Interview More Effective – Rules for the Interviewer

Maintain control of the interview, but don’t talk too much. Maintaining control of the interview does not mean that you should talk most of the time; indeed, quite the opposite.

Interviewees sometimes think (wisely) that they are best off having you do most of the talking and consequently may flood… Continue Reading…

Best Way to put Job Interviews into Perspective

You are nervous because of what the job interview means to you. This is it. Real life. Your future. Your career. What you’ll be doing for the rest of your life. Success and failure hang in the balance.

Wait a minute, let’s try to put this into some kind of… Continue Reading…

Best Way to Quiet down your frighten Inner Voice during an Interview

You say you’re a little frightened, not sure what to expect? You feel as if you’re putting yourself out on the line, that people will be evaluating your worth? You’re concerned you may be rejected, and not sure what that rejection will say about you? Some of your friends are… Continue Reading…

Best Way to Set a Relaxed Tone for the Interview as the Interviewee

Though it is primarily the interviewer’s responsibility to set a relaxed tone for the interview, the interviewee can help, as well. An inexperienced interviewer may be even more nervous than the interviewee.

At the end of an interview day on campus, one interviewee brought me a cup of coffee. That… Continue Reading…