Best Way to Choose Bathroom Materials in Feng Shui

Hard, flat and shiny materials allow energy to move faster. As the bathroom is likely to be relatively small and, as it is also prone to stagnation due to dampness in the atmosphere, it is

generally better to use hard, more yang surfaces.

The floor will usually be the largest surface area and, therefore, have the greatest influence on the flow of chi energy through your bathroom; however, you can also apply the following feng shui principle to any other surface in your bathroom.

Bathroom Materials Best Way to Choose Bathroom Materials in Feng Shui

The direction of your bathroom within your home will make certain materials better suited to harmonizing the essentially water chi energy of the bathroom with the ambient energy of that part of your home.

The following lists different types of materials and their effect on the flow of chi energy:

  •    Wood will have a neutral effect in your bathroom and can help it feel warm and comfortable. Softwoods, such as pine, will and relaxing than hardwoods, such as mahogany, which is more yang and dynamic.
  •    Marble has the effect of allowing energy to move much faster. This can create a more exciting environment, and also one that helps prevent stagnation.
  •    Stone and ceramic tiles have similar properties to marble, but if they are uneven they will tend to scatter the energy more. This can be an advantage if you need to reduce the risk of energy stagnating through the whole room. This is particularly desirable if the bathroom does not have exposure to natural light.
  •   Synthetic materials, including carpets, can create their own charge of static electricity, which may have a negative influence on the flow of energy through your bathroom. These need to be avoided.
  •    Fabrics tend to slow the movement of energy and will make a room more relaxing, however they should be used in the form of things that you can take out of the bathroom to wash and dry. This could include a shower curtain, bath mat and towels.

Bathroom materials

Stand in the centre of your home and use a compass to determine in which position your bathroom is located within your home.

Use the information above to decide what type of materials your bathroom would benefit from.

If you want to change your bathroom floor, measure up the space, make a plan of your floor area and look at the different types of flooring available. Bring home different samples and position them in your bathroom so you can get a better idea of which you would feel most comfortable with.

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