Best Way to Bring up Baby by Mixing ‘Mummy’ with ‘Miss’ as a Teacher

Teachers are paid to educate and look after other people’s children. However, it is very important not to forget about your own, or the rest of your family.

Spouses and partners can often feel pushed out, especially if they don’t really understand the expectations of the teaching profession. During particularly busy periods at school, it can be hard to set aside some real quality time for you and your family. I know of many teach­ers who say that a lot of arguments at home begin because their partner thinks they are putting the school before their family.

Mixing Mummy with Miss Best Way to Bring up Baby by Mixing Mummy with Miss as a Teacher

Whether you are single, married or in a relationship, never forget what is the most important thing in your life: your career or your hap­piness?

For female teachers who are expecting a baby, the pressures of teaching can be very demanding. In the first trimester you are likely to be feeling very tired, nauseous and quite hormonal, and a heavy teach­ing load will not help. It is important to get as much sleep as you need: if necessary, delegate to colleagues and ask them to help you with your marking and preparation. There is no reason at all that teaching should affect a pregnancy or vice versa, but as in all areas of employ­ment a thorough risk assessment must be done, preferably at the earli­est opportunity.

The kinds of risk areas assessed will include:

  •  Any continuous standing or sitting?
  •  Any excess travelling?
  •  Any exposure to harmful chemicals or cigarette smoke?
  •  Any possible work-related violence or excessive stress?
  •  Any heavy lifting or manual handling?

It is important to consider how the risks apply to specific individuals and circumstances.

CurrentUKlaw states that you must notify your employer in writing that you are pregnant, and intend to take maternity leave, no later than the end of the fifteenth week before your child is due. Most women are happy enough to inform their employer well before this date. Ordinary maternity leave is for 26 weeks, but you may be entitled to take up to a year off if you need to. Bear in mind that you may be requested to provide work to cover your absence for this period.

For teachers with young children, there may be additional pressures to find adequate childcare. While teaching hours are considered to be much more flexible than many other jobs, you will still be required to be on site on average between 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. each day, and you will need to find a childcare provider that can accommodate your needs.

Mixing Mummy with Miss 1 Best Way to Bring up Baby by Mixing Mummy with Miss as a Teacher

Some teachers are happy to enrol their older children at the school in which they work, which can be both a blessing and curse for both of you! It is essential that your child understands that while you are at work he or she must treat you as they would any other teacher, and you must treat them like all of your other students.

Teaching is one of the few jobs that will allow you to have the same days off and holidays as your children, and even if you bring work home with you, it is likely that you will be arriving home around the same time as your kids. Your children may also benefit from your knowledge of your subject, and might even find an interest in teaching themselves. Even if it is unintentional, you will be helping to encour­age and expand your children’s education.

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