Best Way to Create a Yin-Yang Kitchen

The surfaces in your kitchen will determine how chi energy flows around your kitchen. It is important to use natural materials, as these will enhance the flow of chi energy around a room. Synthetic materials can block and stifle the flow of chi energy.

The harder and shinier the material, the faster and more yang the flow of energy will be. Softer surfaces will slow down the energy and create a calmer atmosphere.

Yin Yang Kitchen Best Way to Create a Yin Yang Kitchen

As most of the materials will be harder your choice will be confined to wood, metal and stone. Each will have softer or harder versions. For example, brass will be softer than stain less steel and limestone will be softer than granite.

Generally woods will be more yin, metals more central and stone more yang in this selection.

Find out exactly what each surface is made of. Solid wood is always preferable to laminated wood or wood veneer, which is a very thin layer of wood stuck to a board made of wood chips which has been bonded together with resin. Similarly, it is better to avoid materials like MDF (medium-density fibreboard) as they are more like a synthetic material and can give off toxic gases.

Creating a yin-yang kitchen

Think about how you would like to feel in your kitchen. To be more relaxed and make your kitchen more yin use softer materials. If you want to make it more dynamic you will need to use more yang, harder materials.

You could change the flooring, worktops and large items of furniture. Also consider replacing small items, such as a chopping board. The larger the area the greater the difference it will make to the atmosphere of the kitchen.

Refer to the yin-yang list, to help you create the atmosphere you want. Get professional advice and quotations to find out which projects will be feasible.

It is important to choose wisely because once a surface has been changed it will become a permanent feature which you will have to live with for some time. Do some research into how hard-wearing the surface is and also try out a sample of the surface/material to see if you like it. For example, lay a few new tiles on top of your existing floor in a safe place so that you can see how you feel about them over a few days.

Once you ere ready, arrange for the surfaces to be changed by a builder or, if you have the skills, do it yourself.

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