Best Way to De-Stress with Music

Listen to music

The capacity of music to arouse powerful emotions and communicate states of consciousness, transmute feelings and ease inner tension has been recognised since time immemorial. More peak experiences are found to have been triggered by music than by sex or drugs. It is hardly surprising that nearly all religions make use of the inspirational effect of music to move and draw followers together, purify their souls and bring them closer to an experience of the divine.

Just as striking, and confirmed by research findings, is the ability of music to lower stress levels and reduce anxiety. Classical music has been found to have the most calming effect, and there is strong evidence that it boosts brain power – the so-called ‘Mozart effect’, but any kind of music you enjoy will do just as well.

De Stress with Music Best Way  to De Stress with Music

Tuning in

If you feel emotionally wrought, play music that mirrors your mood, but follow up with something soothing and joyful. Personal taste affects what music you find relaxing, so turn to your own collection of CDs, tapes or albums and pick out your favourites, or try (excerpts from) the following classical music suggestions:

  •    Bach’s Air on a G String, Suite No. 3
  •    Beethoven’s Spring Sonata for violin, Op. 24; Emperor Concerto tor piano No. 5, Op. 73; Pathetique Sonata tor piano No. 8, Op. 13
  •    Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Serenade No. 13
  •    Schubert’s Ave Maria or Impromptu No. 3, Op. 142.

Alternatively there are tapes using natural sounds, such as those of dolphins, waves, birdsong and so on to relieve stress which are now widely available.

Make music

An excellent way to take time out is to learn a musical instrument. A brilliant stress reliever – the intellectual challenge involved takes your mind off every­thing else – and a lyrical means of expressing and transforming feelings and emotions. Ten minutes regular practice will lower your stress levels, stretch your mind and increase your appreciation of and response to other forms of music.

Dance to the music

Salsa, funk, hip-hop or a sedate waltz – dancing is fun, good for your body and a great way to let off steam and relieve stress. You’re never too old to take to the floor, so don’t be put off because you don’t know the moves. People dance in all sorts of ways and the rule is that there are no rules – especially when you get do it in the privacy of your own home.

If you want to improve your technique, dance classes teaching everything from ballet to jazz, from the samba to the cha-cha-cha, abound. But for ten-minute stress relief all you need to boogie is some lively music with a strong beat. Move to the rhythm and let your instincts take over.

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