Best Way to Help a 7-Month-Old Baby Learn and Develop Skills

Over halfway through her first year of life, and your baby is beginning to take a greater interest in the world around her. Now that she can sit upright she has a new perspective on her environment; she is also more sociable and remembers day-to-day routines, developing a true sense of herself as a unique person.

Physical development

Constantly exercising her body over the last few months has helped your baby develop her muscles, balance, and control.

7 month baby Develop Skills 1 Best Way to Help a 7 Month Old Baby Learn and Develop Skills

Grabbing toys

Once she learns how to sit upright and no longer needs her arms to keep herself supported, your baby will be working hard to grab anything nearby that excites her, twisting round and stretching forwards. Make sure there are always some toys, safe household objects, or baby books nearby to keep her interested – but don’t expect too much. Her concentration skills are still developing and even something she has never seen before will only hold her attention for a few minutes.

Hand-eye coordination

As her grip develops, your baby will be able to hold objects more firmly and steadily, turn them over to have a good look at them and then put them in her mouth, pass them from one hand to the other, and even bang two objects together.

As her hand-eye coordination improves she’ll be grabbing a spoon as soon as it’s in sight, and probably overturning it before it reaches her mouth. You may like to try offering her a two-handled cup to drink from. Before too long, she may be drinking from it herself. You may also want to start offering her finger foods, such as a piece of bread or rice cake. To begin with she’ll hold it in her fist, working hard to push the last mouthful in with the flat of her hand. In time, she’ll learn how to hold food and other things between her thumb and forefinger. Never leave her alone with finger food in case she chokes.

Growing stronger

Your baby is growing stronger by the day and will be keen to flex her muscles and show off her skills. Some babies may even try to pull themselves up to a standing position from sitting by holding a parent’s hands or piece of furniture. All of this is great practice for the next important milestones -learning to crawl, stand, and walk.

Activities to develop skills

There are several activities you can now enjoy playing with your baby to build up her physical coordination and social skills. Always remember to keep encouraging and praising her as she plays.

  •    All babies love bubbles – and being able to pop them with their hands allows Them to develop their hand-eye coordination as well as progress their understanding of cause and effect. Catch a bubble for your baby on the plastic wand and hold it right in front of her so she can reach out and pop it herself. Remember to dean her hands afterwards so she doesn’t get soapy water in her eyes.
7 month baby Develop Skills Best Way to Help a 7 Month Old Baby Learn and Develop Skills
  • Encourage your baby’s sense of fun by playing lots of bouncing games – hold her on your lap or on the bed and let her practise bouncing up and down, bearing as much weight as she can on her legs.
  •    By now your baby will love to play with pop-up toys that burst out when a button is pushed or a dial turned. Let her push them back down herself, and she’ll develop strength and coordination in her hands and arms.
  •    Encourage you baby’s social skills with a group of ready-made pretend friends – make finger puppets from cut-off gloves and give them eyes, ears, and a mouth – and show her how they can sing, dance, tickle, kiss, and chat to her.

Safety first!

Since most babies explore objects by putting them in their mouths, make sure all toys meet safety standards and ensure nothing can come off and choke a baby, especially any toys you make.

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