Best Way to Quiet down your frighten Inner Voice during an Interview

You say you’re a little frightened, not sure what to expect? You feel as if you’re putting yourself out on the line, that people will be evaluating your worth? You’re concerned you may be rejected, and not sure what that rejection will say about you? Some of your friends are out interviewing, too. And what will you say to them if you are not offered a job? You say this job-interview stuff seems very important and serious, almost life and death?

frighten Inner Voice Best Way to Quiet down your frighten Inner Voice during an Interview

Would it surprise you to know that almost every interviewee who ever interviewed for a job has had those feelings at one time or another? Of course, that doesn’t mean the feelings you have aren’t real, or that you don’t need to deal with them. You do. But perhaps you can take a little comfort in knowing you aren’t alone; far from it.

First off, you should recognize that those feelings you’re having aren’t all bad. Being a little nervous and excited will get you “up” for the interview. As an old interviewer, I can tell you that there are few things an interviewer dreads more than encountering an interviewee who seems bored, like she’s just going through the motions. That bit of nervousness and excitement you’re feeling is what gets the adrenaline flowing, and it may help you do your best. If you don’t believe me, ask any athlete or actor.

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