Best Way to Socialize with Other Teachers

A lot of teachers socialize together and become good friends. Some even find romance and end up married! The team-based nature of the job means that people often band together to help each other. There can be an overwhelming sense of camaraderie between departments and, in some cases, a strong notion of ‘it’s us against them’. Due to the many potential difficulties and pitfalls of the job, knowing you have a good support network around you can be a real blessing.

Thanks to this team spirit, genuine, solid friendships can thrive. There are a lot of opportunities to discuss ideas and strategies with your colleagues, and as a by-product of this, more chances to be socia­ble. It is unsurprising that many departmental meetings conclude with tea and biscuits and a chat, while teachers wind down and relax with each other.

Teachers Socialize Best Way to Socialize with Other Teachers

However, there are times when being friends with your co-workers can land you in muddy waters. While the profession may perhaps feel more friendly and open than some other types of employment, never make the mistake of saying too much. Just as you wouldn’t let the students know details of your private life, don’t feel you should tell the staff either!

Many new teachers make the mistake of being too open in the staffroom – a mistake which often comes back to bite them when they realize that they have said too much. People will always judge you, there is no real way of avoiding that fact: but it is sensible not to give them too much information to judge you with.

For example, if you spend your weekends partying at a local night­club, and drinking until dawn, that is your business and there is nothing wrong with that. Be aware, however, some other members of staff may consider your behaviour to be less than professional and their opinion of you may change.

Remember: be honest and open, but don’t tell people what they do not need to know. To be blunt, you are employed to be an education professional five days in every week. As long as you uphold standards of a positive role model for your students, your private life is your own.

Even trickier can be staff social events such as Christmas, New Year or an end-of-term ‘do’. When the alcohol is flowing, you may find your mouth is a little loose. Be especially careful of what you say when under the influence of alcohol, especially if it is overly honest, flirtatious or potentially damaging to your career! Many teachers have had their staffroom reputation ruined by a little too much vodka and not enough tact.

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