Best Way to Apply Eye Makeup



Whether you want Mohican-style bands or a dainty line, be aware that even the tiniest amount of make-up will enhance your eyes.

  • Before you start colouring your eyes, always prime your upper-eye area (including your lids) with foundation or concealer; your make-up will stay put longer.

Apply Eye Makeup Best Way to Apply Eye Makeup

  • Unless you want a colourful effect, use eyeshadow in soft, flattering, neutral shades.
  • In order to prevent bits of it landing on your face, when applying eye make-up hold a piece of tissue under your eyes and always shake off any excess powder from the brush before applying it.
  • To open up your eyes, sweep pale eyeshadow (such as ivory) over your brow bone.


Define your eyes using one of the various shades of brown, or charcoal-grey, navy or black eyeliner.

  • A kohl pencil is easy to use and the effect can be softened with a brush or cotton bud.
  • Eyeshadow used as a liner gives a softer, more natural, look. You can also use eyeshadow to soften any obvious lines.
  • Liquid liner looks harsh and requires a steady hand and lots of practice, so keep a cotton bud handy to correct any mistakes. Liner pens are more fool­proof.
  • Unless you want racoon-like eyes, don’t apply liners or eyeshadows too low under your eyes.
  • To elongate your eyes, take the eyeliner from the centre of your pupil to the outer corners of your upper eyelids.


If you want to apply more than one coat of mascara, allow the first to dry before applying the next.

  • To make your lashes appear thicker, dust them with powder before applying mascara.
  • Black, dark-brown and brown mascaras work best; you should limit coloured mascaras for parties, or just brush them onto the tips of your lashes.
  • For mascara that lasts, use either a long-lasting or a water-resistant mascara.
  • Clear mascara is ideal for a natural look and also holds curled lashes in place.

Apply Eye Makeup 1 Best Way to Apply Eye Makeup

Beautify your brows

From dominant, Brook Shields-like eyebrows to Kate Moss’ sparse slivers, groomed eyebrows can make a big difference to your face and can also open up your eyes.

  • Define your brows with an eyebrow-definer, eyebrow pencil or eyeshadow, using feather-light strokes.
  • If you are very fair, fill in your brows with a taupe- or beige-coloured pencil.
  • Keep your eyebrows in place with brow mousse, clear mascara or a slick of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly.

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