Best Way to Help a 5-Month-Old Baby Learn and Develop Skills

Your baby will now be making controlled movements and may be starting to use her limbs to manoeuvre herself by rolling from front to back. She’s becoming more aware of new situations, can detect changes in atmosphere and mood, and is really expressing her feelings. Her new levels of coordination and understanding mean she will now begin to respond even more enthusiastically to new toys and games.

Physical development

Improved muscle control and understanding of what her body can do mean that your baby’s movements are now quite deliberate – you will notice that she is much more effective in reaching and grabbing hold of what she wants or positioning herself on the floor to play, for example.

 Best Way to Help a 5 Month Old Baby Learn and Develop Skills

Keeping steady

She will now be able to hold her head steady when held upright, and will keep her head in line with her body without letting it lag behind when pulled from sitting – a major developmental milestone. Although she cannot support herself sitting up, she will definitely feel happiest propped up in a sitting position, so that she can keep an eye on what’s going on around her and join in with everything. You may find she takes great delight in kicking the sides of her bath when she’s in the water, or kicking out at any surface within reach of her toes.

Your baby will enjoy any activity that gives her a chance to push with her legs and feet – and doing this will help strengthen her muscles ready for crawling.

If you hold on to her hands she may try to bounce up and down, although she won’t be able to hold a standing position for very long. Don’t let go of her, as she does not yet have the muscle strength or physical coordination skills to take her own weight on her feet.

Activities to develop skills

Now that your baby is so keen on interacting with you rather than simply observing what you are doing she will try to attract your attention to let you know when she wants to play. Keep her toys within easy reach for her, and respond when she guides you to what she wants by reaching for something. If she knows that you understand what she is communicating to you in this way, you will be giving her confidence a great boost.

5 month baby Develop Skills 1 Best Way to Help a 5 Month Old Baby Learn and Develop Skills

Physical fun

Because your baby’s upper body is so strong and her head control is complete, she will probably know how to roll over now from front to back. Try playing floor games with her that allow her show off her new skill to you and allow you to help her perfect it.

Action songs

There are plenty of songs you can sing to encourage your baby to use her limbs and improve her motor skills. Sing songs that have accompanying hand actions, such as “The Wheels on the Bus” and “Pat-a-cake, Pat-a-cake”. Hold her hands or legs as you sing, so that she can join in the action.

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