Best Way to Help a 6-Month-Old Baby Learn and Develop Skills

Six months is a developmental watershed for your baby as he grasps new concepts as well as physical skills. At around this time he will really be able to demonstrate his love for you and desire to be with you.

Physical development

Your baby is coming on in leaps and bounds, and each week brings new physical developments that increase the range of activities he can enjoy.

6 month baby Develop Skills Best Way to Help a 6 Month Old Baby Learn and Develop Skills

Mighty muscles

During this month or the next, your baby might learn to sit unsupported, although, for a while yet, most babies will still need some support when sitting. When he’s lying down, the improved control he has over his limbs means he can now easily roll over on to his back from his front.

Keeping focused

Your baby’s eyesight and his hand-eye coordination have improved so much that it is almost as good as yours. He can now deliberately reach for an object and bring it straight to his mouth. Faces are still his favourite thing to look at, and he is getting better at distinguishing facial expressions now. He can tell a happy face from a sad face.

Happy hands

Your baby’s hands are still his key to exploring. Tasks that were beyond him just a couple of weeks back, such as rotating his wrist to inspect a toy, are now part of his physical repertoire. He can pick up small objects using his fist in a scooping action. Your baby will start to pass an object from one hand to the other with his fist as he works out what he wants to do with it. If he accidentally drops the object, he may reach down to try to retrieve it if it is within sight.

Activities to develop skills

Your baby will probably need only minimum support when sitting up now, and is keen to explore and examine everything around him. He’ll still love all the singalongs, bouncing games, and clapping games, and you will be able to be a little more physically playful with him now that he’s stronger. He’ll enjoy being tickled – try blowing raspberries on his tummy and see his delight!

Hide the teddy

To help your baby learn the concept of something being there when it cannot be seen, try hiding his teddy under a blanket. Pull away the blanket and watch your baby’s interested and surprised lace as he watches something he thought was gone suddenly appear.

Cot contentment

Your baby will appreciate a range of toys attached to the bars of his cot to play with when he wakes up or before he falls asleep. These are useful for amusing your baby for short periods, but are no replacement for interaction with you, your partner, and siblings. Your baby may already have a favourite soft toy or blanket, which gives him a sense of security.

6 month baby Develop Skills 1 Best Way to Help a 6 Month Old Baby Learn and Develop Skills

Plastic blocks

Your baby will be delighted at his own skill at pressing buttons on simple toys to make a face pop up or a noise to sound, as well as knocking down a tower of plastic blocks, or swiping at a roly-poly doll that rights itself after it has been pushed over. Not only is he mastering his hand-eye coordination, but also learning about cause and effect.

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