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Best Way to Quickly Decorate Your Garden with Container

One of the quickest and most effective ways of transforming the look and ambience of any garden is to decorate it with richly-planted containers. Brightly-colored flowers and leaves make everybody feel good, and in containers they can be positioned close to a house, making them immediately noticeable.

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Best Way to Decorate Your Garden with Water Features

There is a magical quality to water that makes it the perfect medium for pleasing garden features; the sparkle and sound of water cascading over pebbles or spurting from a fountain has a soothing, restful effect that will add a welcome extra dimension to any garden.

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Best Way to Decorate Your Garden with Arches and Pergolas

One of the oldest and most popular forms of garden structure is the arch, which has evolved into a larger and more dramatic incarnation known as the pergola. Arches and pergolas originated in Egypt and were later introduced into Italy for supporting vines and straddling paths.

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Best Way to Decorate Your Garden with Arbour

A cousin of the arch and the pergola is the arbour, an equally traditional garden structure originally designed for romantic trysts between lovers. Arbours have featured in the literature of several different cultures for centuries, and remain a timeless garden favourite.

Romantic arbours

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