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Best Way to Teach SEN Students

A lot of students in mainstream schools have Special Educational Need (SEN). In previous years, SEN students were separated from the mainstream: but this is now discouraged as much as possible.

Tips for teaching SEN students

  •  Take the time to find out what impact the child’s SEN has on

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Best Way to Quit a Teaching Job

Teaching isn’t the dream job for everyone who decides to give it a try. Although official figures are rather varied, general research in the field suggests that between 40 per cent and 60 per cent of teachers leave the profession within the first three years. This includes student teachers and… Continue Reading…

Best Way to Prepare an Interview for Teaching Positions

Some teachers stay in the same school for so long they practically become a part of the decor. Others may stay for a considerable period of time before deciding to move onwards and upwards in their career. Yet more may jump from school to school every year until they find… Continue Reading…

Best Way to Get a Life Outside of Teaching

Having a social life outside of teaching might seem like a dream to some teachers, particularly those who are new to the profession, but it is possible.

In the initial stages of training, the NQT year, and indeed, anything up to the third year of teaching, it can seem like… Continue Reading…

Best Way to Follow the Teaching Curriculum

Since the government and Education Minister are constantly assessing theUKcurriculum, it is inevitable that some changes will occur. Your department may decide to make significant changes to resource mate­rials or alter teaching strategies. If you haven’t been keeping up to date, or have returned to teaching from a period away,… Continue Reading…

Best Way to Develop a Successful Teaching Career

There are four key stages to a teacher’s professional development:

  • Initial teacher training – PGCE/GTP/BEd. etc.
  • The induction process – the first/NQT year of teaching.
  • Early professional development (EPD) – the second and third years of teaching.
  • Continuing professional development (CPD) – beyond three years of teaching.
Successful Teaching Career 1 Best Way to Develop a Successful Teaching Career

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Best Way to Decide Whether to Stay in a Teaching Profession

The best reason to stay in teaching is because you are passionate about your job and gain real satisfaction out of what you do. The worst reason is because of the salary.

Many teachers stay in the profession for a long time, and some become embittered and cynical, which shows… Continue Reading…