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Best Way to Reinvent Your Hair

Hair transformation

Hair is your strongest visual characteristic and changing it is one of the best ways to transform yourself from boring to bombshell. According to Antoinette Beenders, the Aveda Urban Retreat’s creative director for hair: A new haircut can update you, make you look sexier, younger, smarter or more… Continue Reading…

Best Way to Make Organic Hair Color

Although the results from these home hair-coloring treatments will never be as dramatic as chemical colorants – and will not cover gray – they will make a noticeable difference.

Sage and black tea rinse (for gray hair)

  • 4 tbs dried sage leaves
  • 1/2 cup (100 ml) water
  • 1 tea

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Best Way to Make Catwalk-Style Hair

A touch daring, a little bit sexy and utterly creative – catwalk-style hair will vamp up your image. All it takes is a little imagination and a few accessories to look like you are a regular on the runway.

Catwalk-style hair is not for the intrepid but for those who… Continue Reading…

Best Way to Maintain Your Balanced Hair with the Right Products and Techniques

If you have the bonus of “normal” hair, make sure it stays that way with the following tips and ideas for making the most of one of your most important assets.

Is your hair well-behaved? Neither lank nor strawlike? No split ends? Lucky you. Your hair has the right balance… Continue Reading…

Best Way to Eat Well for Healthy Hair

Eat well, and your hair will repay you by gleaming with health. The following hints will help you choose the best foods for healthy hair and show you how to keep it in top condition.

Your hair is what you eat, and if you want lustrous, shiny hair, eating a… Continue Reading…

Best Way to Color Your Hair

Hair without color is like a face without make-up: it looks bare and undressed. So whether you want to brighten up lacklustre hair or totally reinvent yourself, color is the must-have hair accessory that no woman should be without.

Hair color lifts your whole appearance, revives jaded hair and is… Continue Reading…

Best Way to Care Your Hair

Lustrous locks with body and bounce that swing as you walk are your crowning glory. Here’s how to get your mop in tiptop condition.

Colouring, perming, sunlight, heated styling aids and backcombing are just a few of the hair offenders that can turn glossy locks into dull, lacklustre, limp, frizzy… Continue Reading…

Best Way to Care Your Hair with Herbs

Herbal applications are particularly appropriate for hair care, as is demonstrated by the large number of herbal hair products available commercially. When infusing herbs in water, use either clean rainwater or boiled and then cooled water; this is particularly important if your tap water is heavily chlorinated. For an ‘instant’… Continue Reading…