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Best Way to Go Organic with Your Makeup

When it comes to buying makeup, would-be organic beauties can now take a shortcut to truly natural lines that use mineral pigments in their cosmetics in place of synthetic chemicals.

We all want to look like natural beauties. In a perfect world, we could face anyone bare-faced and confident, but… Continue Reading…

Best Way to Do Runway-Style Makeup

It’s fantastic, it’s frivolous and it’s fun. Here are some backstage tips which will help you to upstage others with your show-stopping make-up.

Make-up maestro Frangois Nars believes that runway-style make-up is a great way in which to freshen up your look. ‘Not everyone can rush out and buy the… Continue Reading…

Best Way to Apply Eye Makeup



Whether you want Mohican-style bands or a dainty line, be aware that even the tiniest amount of make-up will enhance your eyes.

  • Before you start colouring your eyes, always prime your upper-eye area (including your lids) with foundation or concealer; your make-up will stay put longer.

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Best Way to Apply Base Makeup

Foundation and tinted-moisturiser tips

The purpose of applying a base is to smooth out any flaws and make your skin appear even-toned. Base is not meant to cover your face like a mask, yet the biggest mistake that most women make is to cake it on, which looks unnatural… Continue Reading…