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Best Way to Control Your Sales Team

In the context of sales management, controlling should be synonymous with the word monitoring.

Controlling is a matter of comparing actual performance with the standards set and taking the necessary action to rectify any negative variances.

Controlling performance standards

As previously mentioned, these should be quantifiable so that actual performance… Continue Reading…

Best Way to Organize Your Sales Team

Having prepared your strategic sales plan, you now need to utilise your most valuable resource, people, to put the plan into action in the most effective way to achieve your objectives. This is a matter of deciding who sells what to whom.

How you organize your team will largely dependContinue Reading…

Best Way to Motivate Your Sales Team

Motivation is a subject about which much has been written and discussed over the past decades. Many theories have been expounded by the likes of Maslow, Hertzberg and MacGregor and one would not dispute their content. Being psychologists, their theories were based on this branch of science. However, companies are… Continue Reading…

Best Way to Recruit Your Sales Team

There are two reasons for recruiting salespeople, either because one of the existing team has left, for whatever reason, or because you are increasing the number of people in the team. In both cases, the principles of good recruiting and selecting are the same.

The job description

It is essential… Continue Reading…

Best Way to Train Your Sales Team at Sales Meetings

One sales manager always includes a short, formal training session at her monthly sales meetings. She identifies the topic from analysing the checklists of the previous month’s field visits and from general observation of her sales team’s activities. She often invites one of her team to prepare and conduct the… Continue Reading…