Best Way to Color Your Bathroom with Feng Shui

The decor in your bathroom needs to be approached differently to other rooms. The main objective is to harmonize the water chi energy with the ambient energy of the position the room has in your home.

The following provides the ideal colors for each location of your bathroom:


To soak up the abundance of water chi energy created by a bathroom in the north, you should use more tree chi energy in the form of green.

Bathroom with Feng Shui Best Way to Color Your Bathroom with Feng Shui

North-east, centre and south-west

The soil, five element chi energy of the north-east has a destructive effect on water, which disturbs the atmosphere of the bathroom, leading to the creation of a potentially unhealthy chi energy. A strong presence of metal chi energy will help create greater harmony. To achieve this use the following colors: off-white, grey, pink and silver, which are associated with metal chi energy.

East and south-east

The water chi energy is in harmony with the tree chi energy of the east and south-east so the colors green or blue would be suitable.


Water in the form of a bathroom to the south of the centre of your home has a destructive effect on the fire chi energy of the south. This could lead to a lack of passion, opportunities to make a name for yourself and social life. Tree chi energy will harmonize these energies and this would be helped by using the color green.

West and north-west

The metal chi energy of the west and north-west is drained by the water chi energy of the bathroom. This could, in turn, have a draining effect on your ability to focus on your financial income. To boost the metal chi energy use the colors associated with it, which are off white, grey, pink and silver.

Decorating your bathroom

Use a compass to determine in which direction your bathroom is located. Use the information above to help you decide on the color for your bathroom. Try some test patches on the walls so you can see which feels best to you. Remember to use a paint that is suitable for a bathroom.

Prepare the walls for decoration. Scrape off any cracked or peeling paint. If there are any signs of damp you may need to let the plaster dry out and treat it before continuing. Apply the paint and see how your bathroom feels.

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