Best Way to Design a Feng Shui Kitchen

Although water is a source of healthy chi energy, it will also have a negative influence if the chi energy of the water becomes unhealthy. This makes it important to keep your kitchen clean, dry and free from damp for good health.

It is recommended that you use a stove with a natural flame. Most commonly this would be a gas stove, although, a wood-burning stove also has a similar effect. Rather like a fireplace this type of stove enhances the warm, relaxing atmosphere that can be created in a kitchen.

Feng Shui Kitchen Best Way to Design a Feng Shui Kitchen

If you have an electric stove or hob, it would be worthwhile exploring the options for changing to a gas unit. If you live in a remote area you may need to arrange for a tank next to your home to store the gas.

It is also worth considering locating the stove or hob within an island unit in the centre of the kitchen, so that when you are cooking you can face into the room and see the doors and windows. This also makes for a more social setting if your kitchen is part of the dining or living room. You will be able to see and talk to your friends while cooking.

Where this is not possible, consider hanging a mirror behind the stove so that you can see the room behind you. This also creates the impression that the stove is twice its size.

Create a healthy atmosphere

List all the places in your kitchen that water can stay or places where there is a risk of leaks. Include sinks, taps, dishwashers, washing machines, radiators and pipes.

Make a thorough inspection of all these areas looking for any sign of leaks, dampness, rot or mildew. This would also be a good time to give everything a clean.

Note any areas of concern and arrange for these to be rectified. Any rotten materials will need to be removed and replaced, areas with mildew carefully scrubbed and cleaned and damp areas dried and aired.

Feng Shui Kitchen 1 Best Way to Design a Feng Shui Kitchen

Radiating fire chi through your kitchen

If you wish to change from an electric to a gas appliance begin by measuring the existing space in your worktop. Once you have the dimensions look around to see what is available. There are many different types to choose from including stainless steel units and enamel hobs and ovens in a range of different colors.

You will need to arrange for a registered professional to come and connect your new appliance. Your local gas company, or the company that sold you the item can usually arrange this.

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