Best Way to Get Your Life in Balance

Sophisticated technology and instant global communications make it increasingly possible to work any time, and anywhere, and it is harder than ever to strike the right balance between work and our private lives. We have become a nation of workaholics, many of us working long hours to climb corporate ladders at the expense of partners, families, friendships and our health.

Even when cherished ambitions are achieved we often feel strangely unhappy and unfulfilled, Instead of sitting back and enjoying the fruits of our labours, we find ourselves stuck on a treadmill of unremitting deadlines and targets. With our lives out of balance, we end up suffering acute stress, with all the associated risks of mental and physical breakdown.

Good life Best Way to Get Your Life in Balance

If you do not want to lose out to stress, it is vital to get your life in balance. When the balance is right, with space for Life -relationships, interests, fun – as well as for work, you protect yourself not only against stress, but against the vicissitudes of life. A balanced life is as vital to your health and happiness as a balanced diet, and key to avoiding the damaging effects of stress. So, assess your life regularly and redress the balance if it is too far out.

Paradoxically, we often lose touch with our own bodies, treating them as little more than obedient and useful machines. For many of us the body is a means to an end – to get us from one place to another, attract a mate, work the computer – but the mind is king. We depend on the body, we take it for granted, but we forget to listen to its messages.

Yet what about the intuitions that we experience through the body – the hunches we get, the awakening of interest, or the gut feeling that translates as wariness about a situation? These come to us first as physical sensations. By listening to this inner intelligence we can recognize and respond to our bodies’ needs, spot the signs of physical tension and keep stress at bay.

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