Best Way to Prevent Heartburn and Acid Reflux

Heartburn, associated with acid reflux, is one of the most common disorders among the digestive system. It affects a wide range of ages, including infants and small children to adults. Infants often outgrow the condition, while young children may continue to experience heartburn throughout their lives. Adults who suffer from heartburn often do so due to their lifestyle and dietary habits. Heartburn involves a burning feeling that is felt in the chest; symptoms that are similar to a heart attack. Though it is not quite as serious as a heart attack, heartburn is a serious condition that should be treated.

It is essential that those diagnosed with heartburn understand the condition and the preventative measures that can be taken. Dietary and lifestyle habits must be changed for the better to prevent heartburn from progressing into acid reflux, which is much more serious that heartburn. Acid reflux involves improper functioning of the esophagus and is an overall unpleasant feeling.

Prevent Heartburn Best Way to Prevent Heartburn and Acid Reflux

Because the gastric juices are extremely acidic, once they reach the esophagus, it becomes inflamed and irritated, thus causing the burning sensation felt. This abnormality in the flow of gastric juices is most commonly caused when the lower esophageal sphincter, also known as LES, cannot properly function due to the relaxation of the surrounding muscles.

Treatment for acid reflux and heartburn is highly important. For some suffers, heartburn attacks may occur during the night, in which they are much more severe than the day time attacks. During the night they may experience restlessness, snoring and difficulties in breathing.

While many people who suffer from these conditions understand the causation factors, there are still people who lack the proper knowledge and understanding about the condition. The single most common factor that can trigger an attack is food. People usually experience a heartburn attack soon after they have eaten a large meal. Eating large meals often make the stomach work harder, where it has trouble properly digesting the food. Foods that are acidic, such as citrus fruits, and those that have a high fat content should be avoided, as these also serve as triggers.

Once your doctor has diagnosed you with acid reflux, it is highly important that you go on medication to help resolve the problem. Besides the prescription medication, you will need to make changes in your diet to prevent further complications. Instead of eating large meals at once, try eating smaller meals in intervals throughout the day. This will not put as much pressure on the stomach. Also, avoid alcohol and try to maintain a healthy weight. Wearing loose fitting close can help as well.

Prevent Heartburn 1 Best Way to Prevent Heartburn and Acid Reflux

Though acid reflux is a common condition, it is a very serious one as well. As mentioned above, treatment is necessary to prevent more serious problems from occurring that could cause respiratory complications. Anyone suffering from acid reflux or heartburn should do all they can to improve their lifestyle.

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