Best Way to Use Feng Shui to Set Up Your Front Door

Front and main doors create entrances for chi energy. When someone enters your home they create a current of chi energy and, once inside, their chi displaces some of the energy already in your home.

Doors have a very important role in feng shui, as they influence the chi energy entering and leaving a building. The direction your door faces defines the kind of chi energy that enters your home. So, a door that faces the west will bring in more western chi energy, making it easier to complete projects, feel romantic and be playful.

Use Feng Shui1 Best Way to Use Feng Shui to Set Up Your Front Door

If your main or front door faces a direction that is helpful to you, then a large door is preferable, as it will encourage more of this influential chi energy to enter your home. A smaller door is recommended when it faces a direction which generates unhelpful chi energy.

Facing south

A highly active location in which it would be easy to be noticed. Can lead to feeling over emotional and stressed. Purple, bare wood, green and blue with wooden door fittings would be harmonious, however, black or yellow would help calm your emotions. A flat clay pot filled with charcoal would further subdue the chi energy of the south.


Facing south-west

Exposes the home to chi energy that is slow to settle which can be helpful for long-term relationships and add quality to your life. Ideal colors are black, yellow, beige, rustic red or grey with shiny metal door fittings. A small bowl of sea salt will help stabilize the movement of chi energy.

Facing west

Brings in the chi energy associated with pleasure, romance and financial income. Good for completing projects. Harmonious colors are red, black, yellow, and grey with shiny metal fittings.

Facing north-west

Favourable for leadership, organization and feeling in control of your life. Helpful for planning ahead and acting with wisdom. Harmonious colors are grey, black, yellow and red with shiny metal fittings.

Facing north

Generally quiet and good as a sanctuary if you want to hide away. Can be isolating. A red door with shiny metal fittings will stimulate the flow of chi energy.

Facing north-east

Exposes the home to sharp, quick, piercing chi energy. Good for motivation and clear thinking. A high gloss white door and shiny metal fitting will reflect chi energy. Also consider yellow, black or purple. A small bowl of sea salt inside the door will help subdue the movement of chi energy.

Use Feng Shui 1 Best Way to Use Feng Shui to Set Up Your Front Door

Facing east

Good for young people who wish to build up their careers. Helps confidence and self esteem. A bright green, bare wood, or cream door with wooden door fittings will be harmonious.

Facing south-east

Helpful for communication and harmonious progress. Good for any creative activities. A dark green, bare wood, blue or cream door with wooden door fittings will be harmonious.

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