Best Way to Use Herbal Remedies to Reduce Stress

Herbal preparations are available commercially in many forms, from teabags to tinctures, tablets to tonics. They may contain a single herb or a combination that has been blended to treat a particular condition.

Throughout the ages, almost every culture in the world has had a tradition of using plants for health and healing. Texts detailing the use of herbs as medicine have been discovered from the ancient civilizations in Egypt and the Middle East, Greece, Rome, and China. The study of plants and their therapeutic use continues to develop and expand today, as scientific research combines with knowledge collected and recorded over centuries. Like many natural therapies, the aim of herbal medicine is to put the body back into balance and allow it to heal itself.

Reduce Stress Best Way to Use Herbal Remedies to Reduce Stress

Though the principles of herbal medicine are concerned with healing over a period of time, herbal remedies will often have quite rapid and noticeable effects on the symptoms of a condition. For specific health problems, a herbal medicine practitioner should be consulted; there are, however, many herbal remedies effective in reducing stress, which are as easy to use as making a cup of tea. .


Tinctures are created by steeping herbs, often for weeks, in pure or diluted alcohol. A small quantity of the tincture will then be further diluted and taken two or three times per day with meals. Most people choose to buy commercially prepared tinctures or else obtain them from a herbal medicine practitioner. In either case, the recommendations given for quantity and frequency of dose should be strictly observed.

  • Echinacea — is a herb that assists the body’s immune system in fighting infections. ‘This is a suitable herb to take if you have been under stress for a long period of time, feel run down, and seem to be more susceptible to minor infections, such as colds or blemished skin.
  • Marigold— is beneficial in the treatment of anxiety and digestive complaints. This herb is also known as calendula.

Reduce Stress 1 Best Way to Use Herbal Remedies to Reduce Stress


Inhalations are prepared by placing fresh herbs in a large bowl and pouring on near-boiling water. Place your face over the bow 1 with a towel over your head to form a tent, and breathe in the fragrant steam.

  • Sweet basil— can calm nervousness and may be useful if you are not sleeping well.
  • Lavender— makes a beautifully calming inhalation. Crush the fresh flowers before adding the water.

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