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Best Way to Do Stretching and Bending Exercise in the Bathroom

Find new uses for your bath towels and bathroom surfaces and combine your morning ablutions with this balanced sequence of bending and stretching exercises which improve circulation, release morning stiffness and mentally prepare you for the day.

Shoulder release

This is particularly good for easing stiff shoulders, for upper-back problems… Continue Reading…

Best Way to Do Rapid Relaxation Exercise

A few brief minutes is not long enough for deep relaxation, but rapid relaxation can be effectively achieved by first tensing then letting go of groups of muscles. The instructions given below are for rapid relaxation in the corpse position (lying on the floor), but the method can easily be… Continue Reading…

Best Way to Do Deep Relaxation Exercise

This simple exercise requires no special equipment or training, and can easily be incorporated into your weekly routine. By focusing on breathing and relaxing the tension in your muscles, you will feel the stress slip away.


Ensure you have 20 to 30 minutes during which you will not be… Continue Reading…

Best Way to Do Stretching Exercise

  • Begin each session by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees very slightly bent, arms hanging loosely by your side and torso straight. Make sure your weight is evenly distributed over your legs.
  • Straighten your legs and lock your knees; lift one leg up and flex your toes back

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Best Way to Use Physical Exercise to Maintain a Healthy and Relaxed Lifestyle

Regular exercise is vital to maintaining a healthy and relaxed lifestyle. It does not need to be vigorous or strenuous exercise, and it is always wise to begin with a little and gradually build — but it does need to be regular.

If you haven’t exercised for a long time,… Continue Reading…

Best Way to Exercise Your Hands

Hands are one of our most important features, used in every aspect of our life. To give yourself strong, supple hands, follow these tips regularly – you will feel the difference.

More important than hands that look glamorous or feel like velvet is to have flexible, strong hands whose joints… Continue Reading…

Best Way to Exercise for a Sexy Body

Here are a specific exercise for each vital body zone together with lists of the best exercises and sports with which to firm up these areas.

For pert breasts

The Exercise: Push-ups – Don’t think that you can get away with cissy-style push-ups: if you want great breasts… Continue Reading…

Best Way to Do Home Exercise

Many of us now choose to work out at home rather than at a gym, usually because it saves both time and money. And it is possible to get -and stay – in great shape with home exercise if you approach it as seriously as if you were paying membership… Continue Reading…

Best Way to Do Facial Exercise

Like the idea of chiselled cheekbones, pouty lips and taut skin, with no sags, bags or jowls? Facial fitness is the key.

Facial aerobics make sense: anyone who exercises regularly will know that it is possible to improve your muscle tone and even resculpture your physique. The facial muscles are… Continue Reading…